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# Network Design
This page serves as a depository for a collection of _capacitated graph optimization tools_, typically pipeline transport networks. We share a series of _heuristics and metaheuristics_ aimed at finding minimum-cost network designs connecting sources and sinks.
These resources form the basis of a publication (currently in review). Performance tests, plotting and data analysis codes specific to the publication are provided in a [folder]( The general heuristic methods are given separately [here](
A pre-print of the publication can be found [here](
Most of the algorithms provided are well-established in literature. These include:
- [Local Search](
- [Tabu Search](
- [Variable Neighbourhood Search](
- [Delta Change Search](
- [Edge Turn](
A novel "High Valency Shuffle" metaheuristic is proposed and combined with the Delta Change, Edge Turn, and Local Search heuristics. Nested versions of Edge Turn and Local Search are also given.
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