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# YAML 1.2
affiliation: GFZ
family-names: Dolling
given-names: Maximilian
affiliation: GitLab
family-names: Leinweber
given-names: Katrin
affiliation: DLR
family-names: Tobias
given-names: Schaluch
affiliation: DLR
family-names: Stoffers
given-names: Martin
cff-version: "1.1.0"
date-released: 2020-12-02
type: url
value: ""
license: "MIT, CC0-1.0"
message: "If you use this work in a research publication, please cite the specific version that you used using the citation metadata on Zenodo [![DOI](]("
title: "Astronaut Analysis"
version: "1.1"
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