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......@@ -345,24 +345,15 @@ please preview your site before committing, and make sure to run
<h2 id="setup">Setup</h2>
To participate in a
{% if site.carpentry == "swc" %}
Software Carpentry
{% elsif site.carpentry == "dc" %}
Data Carpentry
{% elsif site.carpentry == "lc" %}
Library Carpentry
{% endif %}
you will need access to the software described below.
In addition, you will need an up-to-date web browser.
To participate in this workshop, you need to follow installation instructions described <a href = "">through this link</a> before the workshop.
You will also get a pre-workshop session in order to help you solve any technical issues that might happen while you are trying to install or configure all the requirements. Please keep in mind we wont be able to fix installation issues during the workshop during time constraint. For the pre-workshop session, you will get full information on the date and time before hand.
We maintain a list of common issues that occur during installation as a reference for instructors
that may be useful on the
<a href = "{{site.swc_github}}/workshop-template/wiki/Configuration-Problems-and-Solutions">Configuration Problems and Solutions wiki page</a>.
{% comment %}
{% if site.carpentry == "swc" %}
{% include swc/setup.html %}
{% elsif site.carpentry == "dc" %}
......@@ -370,3 +361,4 @@ please preview your site before committing, and make sure to run
{% elsif site.carpentry == "lc" %}
{% include lc/setup.html %}
{% endif %}
{% endcomment %}
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