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(e.g., 3.6 is fine).
We will teach Python using the <a href="https://jupyter.org/">Jupyter Notebook</a>,
a programming environment that runs in a web browser (Jupyter Notebook will be installed by Anaconda). For this to work you will need a reasonably
up-to-date browser. The current versions of the Chrome, Safari and
Firefox browsers are all
<a href="https://jupyter-notebook.readthedocs.io/en/stable/notebook.html#browser-compatibility">supported</a>
(some older browsers, including Internet Explorer version 9
and below, are not).
We will teach Python using the <a href="https://www.spyder-ide.org/">Spyder IDEk</a>,
a programming environment that makes it easier to write Python code.
You will find all required steps to install Spyder
<a href="https://docs.spyder-ide.org/installation.html#:~:text=Requirements,PyQt5%20%3E%3D5.5">HERE</a>.
It is recomdended to install
<a href="https://www.anaconda.com/products/individual">Anaconda</a> as it includes Sypder by default.
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