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# Astronaut Analysis
The script analyses publically available astronauts data from [wikidata](
It generates a set of plots...
## installation guide
The script comes with a predefined Python environment, which is managed by ...
> The script has been tested with Python 3.7.3
> relative path to the pipfile (relative of the readme file)
Please clone the repository and install the [environment and the dependencies](Pipfile):
# in case you have not installed pipenv:
pip install pipenv
# download this repo:
git clone
cd behling-astronauts-analysis
pipenv install
## Usage
you can run the script as follows:
pipenv run python src/
python -m pipenv run python src/
The script processes the [astronauts_data](data/astrnauts_data.json) and strores png in *results*
## Astronauts Data
The data has been gernerated from the following SPARQL query [[1]] (retrieval date: 2018-10-25)
software description
installation guide
information about the data
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