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# Astronaut Analysis
The script analyzes publicly available astronauts data from [Wikidata](
It generates a set of plots focusing on aspects such as time humans spent in space, the gender distribution as well as the age distribution.
## Install
The script requires Python >= 3.6.1 and uses the libraries [pandas]( as well as [matplotlib](
> The script has been successfully tested on Windows 10 with Python 3.6.10.
Please clone this repository and install the [required dependencies](requirements.txt) as follows:
git clone ...
cd astronaut-analysis
pip install -r requirements.txt
## Usage
You can run the script as follows:
The script processes the [astronauts data set]( data/astronauts.json) and stores the plots in the directory `results`.
The directory will be created by the script.
Existing result plots will be overwritten.
### Astronaut Data
The data set has been generated from the following SPARQL query [[1]] (retrieval date: 2018-10-25).
You can replace the data set as follows:
- Run the SPARQL query
- Download the resulting data formatted as JSON
- Replace the file `data/astronauts.json`
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