1. 17 Dec, 2019 4 commits
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      Update 04-lists.md (#763) · 3ebde28d
      Ann Gledson authored
      * Update 04-lists.md
      I think it's good to repeat the explanation of behaviour caused by (attempted) copying and then modifying the list in place. From teaching this several times, I think it would help to notify the learner that the use of append here is a second, similar example to what we saw earlier with the salsa list.
      * Update 04-lists.md
      Replaced brackets with back-ticks and added comma.
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      03-loop.md: fix 'Computing the Value of a Polynomial' exercise (#757) · 2f891d79
      marijane white authored
      The Output block in this exercise contains two assignments to the variable `y`, which neither looks like an Output nor does it follow from the preceding Python block when run.
      I believe the first assignment to `y` was intended to be part of the Python block, and I also believe the intent was to print the value of `y`, which is 97, instead of assigning 97 to it in the Output block.
      This commit does the following:
      - moves the first `y` assignment from the Output block into the Python block
      - adds a `print(y)` statement to the end of the Python block
      - removes the assignment from the `y = 97` line, so that the Output block matches the output of the edited Python block when it is run.
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      Update line numbers in normalize_rectangle (#732) · ab3246cc
      ageorgou authored
      * Update error messages to show new line numbers
      * Update line numbers in episode text
      The reference to line 14 right after the last example for this
      function is correct (that is, it should not be 17) as it was fixed
      in #704.