1. 14 Feb, 2020 3 commits
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      02-numpy: clarify numpy.diff() part (#777) · b69e0cc2
      Steve Schmerler authored
      * 02-numpy: clarify numpy.diff() part
      Using a variable called `npdiff` to hold an array is highly confusing,
      given that the function to be learned here is called {numpy,np}.diff().
      Also, stress that the array returned by `diff()` is shorter by one.
      * 02-numpy: diff(): rename variable, streamline text
      Rename variable `a` -> `row_start` and add text relating that to the
      `data` array encountered earlier.
      The text part about "patient data is _longitudinal_" is redundant since
      that answers the question posed later regarding the usage of the `axis`
      keyword. It intoduces the usage of `axis`, while the following intro to
      diff() first uses a 1d array.
      * 02-numpy: diff(): Re-add introduction lines
  4. 29 Jan, 2020 1 commit
    • Maxim Belkin's avatar
      setup.md: reorganize and update (#778) · 82d38b14
      Maxim Belkin authored
      + Add "Overview" section
      + Reorder items in the "Launch Python Interpreter" section
      + Move instructions from "Navigate to the data folder" to the previous section
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    • Ann Gledson's avatar
      Update 04-lists.md (#763) · 3ebde28d
      Ann Gledson authored
      * Update 04-lists.md
      I think it's good to repeat the explanation of behaviour caused by (attempted) copying and then modifying the list in place. From teaching this several times, I think it would help to notify the learner that the use of append here is a second, similar example to what we saw earlier with the salsa list.
      * Update 04-lists.md
      Replaced brackets with back-ticks and added comma.
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      03-loop.md: fix 'Computing the Value of a Polynomial' exercise (#757) · 2f891d79
      marijane white authored
      The Output block in this exercise contains two assignments to the variable `y`, which neither looks like an Output nor does it follow from the preceding Python block when run.
      I believe the first assignment to `y` was intended to be part of the Python block, and I also believe the intent was to print the value of `y`, which is 97, instead of assigning 97 to it in the Output block.
      This commit does the following:
      - moves the first `y` assignment from the Output block into the Python block
      - adds a `print(y)` statement to the end of the Python block
      - removes the assignment from the `y = 97` line, so that the Output block matches the output of the edited Python block when it is run.
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