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Clarify sentence related to counting from zero

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......@@ -337,9 +337,11 @@ but `data[0, 0]` might.
Programming languages like Fortran and MATLAB start counting at 1,
because that's what human beings have done for thousands of years.
Languages in the C family (including C++, Java, Perl, and Python) count from 0
because that's more convenient when indices are computed rather than constant
(see [Mike Hoye's blog post](
for historical details).
because it represents an offset from the first value in the array (the second
value is offset by one index from the first value). This is closer to the way
that computers represent arrays (if you are interested in the historical
reasons behind counting indices from zero, you can read
[Mike Hoye's blog post](
As a result,
if we have an M×N array in Python,
its indices go from 0 to M-1 on the first axis
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