Commit ac08a578 authored by rrasins's avatar rrasins Committed by Lauren Ko
Browse files Remove the word "simple" (#691)

I feel that using the word "simple" can be a bit dismissive. I don't think we can assume that novices would agree that the tests outlined would be simple for them to come up with when they're first starting out with Python. I think this can be reworded to convey a similar meaning without being as dismissive.
parent 82b60345
......@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ print(offset_mean(data, 0))
{: .output}
It's hard to tell from the default output whether the result is correct,
but there are a few simple tests that will reassure us:
but there are a few tests that we can run to reassure us:
print('original min, mean, and max are:', numpy.min(data), numpy.mean(data), numpy.max(data))
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