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01-intro.md: provide detailed alt text to intro image 03. (#798)

Additional variables as Sticky Notes now has a detailed content: ../fig/python-sticky-note-variables-03.svg
parent 19c802c3
......@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ weight in kilograms is now: 65.0
> ~~~
> {: .output}
> ![Updating a Variable](../fig/python-sticky-note-variables-03.svg)
> ![Value of 100.0 with label weight_kg stuck on it, and value of 143.0 with label weight_lb stuck on it](../fig/python-sticky-note-variables-03.svg)
> Since `weight_lb` doesn't "remember" where its value comes from,
> it is not updated when we change `weight_kg`.
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