Commit 60c66ed7 authored by Stephen Pearce's avatar Stephen Pearce Committed by Maxim Belkin
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code/ Update loop variable names (#753)

parent 75bcf6c8
......@@ -11,13 +11,13 @@ def main():
nrow0, ncol0 = row_col_count(filenames[0])
print('First file %s: %d rows and %d columns' % (
filenames[0], nrow0, ncol0))
for f in filenames[1:]:
nrow, ncol = row_col_count(f)
for filename in filenames[1:]:
nrow, ncol = row_col_count(filename)
if nrow != nrow0 or ncol != ncol0:
print('File %s does not check: %d rows and %d columns'
% (f, nrow, ncol))
% (filename, nrow, ncol))
print('File %s checks' % f)
print('File %s checks' % filename)
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