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Added callout for way to find methods in IPython

Made a quick note about the object. tab completion feature in IPython and ? help function. I found this to be helpful in the classes in letting them know how they can fend for themselves more quickly with a feature that they might otherwise not find.
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> ## Mystery methods {.callout}
> How did we know what methods data has and how to use them? When you are working
> on your own data it might be something different to a numpy object, and how will
> you know then what methods you can use then? Well IPython gives us an easy way
> of finding this out. If you type the name of your object with a full-stop then
> you can use tab completion (e.g. type `data.` and then press tab) to see a
> list of all methods that you can use on that object. After selecting one you can
> also add a question mark (e.g. `data.cumprod?`) and IPython will return an explanation
> of the method!
When analyzing data,
we often want to look at partial statistics,
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