Commit 242bb2e8 authored by David Benn's avatar David Benn Committed by Maxim Belkin refer to the right line (#703)

The line to be corrected to be:
scaled = float(dy) / dx
is on line number 14, not 11, if the `def` is on line 1.
parent 4068945d
......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ AssertionError: Calculated upper Y coordinate invalid
{: .error}
Re-reading our function,
we realize that line 11 should divide `dy` by `dx` rather than `dx` by `dy`.
we realize that line 14 should divide `dy` by `dx` rather than `dx` by `dy`.
(You can display line numbers by typing Ctrl-M, then L.)
If we had left out the assertion at the end of the function,
we would have created and returned something that had the right shape as a valid answer,
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