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Browse files Resolve iPython vs. Jupyter Notebook ambiguity

Pull Request: swcarpentry/python-novice-inflammation#614
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......@@ -602,7 +602,7 @@ standard deviation: 4.61383319712
> ## Mystery Functions in IPython
> How did we know what functions NumPy has and how to use them?
> If you are working in the IPython/Jupyter Notebook, there is an easy way to find out.
> If you are working in IPython or in a Jupyter Notebook, there is an easy way to find out.
> If you type the name of something followed by a dot, then you can use tab completion
> (e.g. type `numpy.` and then press tab)
> to see a list of all functions and attributes that you can use. After selecting one, you
......@@ -731,7 +731,7 @@ can see, inflammation rises and falls over a 40-day period.
> ## Some IPython Magic
> If you're using an IPython / Jupyter notebook,
> If you're using a Jupyter notebook,
> you'll need to execute the following command
> in order for your matplotlib images to appear
> in the notebook when `show()` is called:
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