Commit 0b6a30c1 authored by Stephen Pearce's avatar Stephen Pearce Committed by Maxim Belkin
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code/ Harmonise with lesson text (#749)

parent 79df0eff
import sys
import numpy
def main():
script = sys.argv[0]
action = sys.argv[1]
......@@ -11,23 +10,21 @@ def main():
if len(filenames) == 0:
process(sys.stdin, action)
for f in filenames:
process(f, action)
for filename in filenames:
process(filename, action)
def process(filename, action):
data = numpy.loadtxt(filename, delimiter=',')
if action == '--min':
values = data.min(axis=1)
values = numpy.min(data, axis=1)
elif action == '--mean':
values = data.mean(axis=1)
values = numpy.mean(data, axis=1)
elif action == '--max':
values = data.max(axis=1)
for m in values:
values = numpy.max(data, axis=1)
for val in values:
if __name__ == '__main__':
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