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......@@ -41,24 +41,15 @@ The software you want to run the services on **must** be a [git](https://git-scm
## Usage
Some of the services require a config file.
To see which, take a look at the [service description](docs/pages/
Running the services via Gitlab CI/CD is the recommended solution.
It keeps the report up to date, every time the project is changed.
You can read more about how it is set up [here](docs/pages/
Running it on you local machine is easier to set up.
Therefore it must be triggered manually before every release.
You can read more about how it is set up [here](docs/pages/
## Service Description
You can find a detailed description of all implemented services [here](docs/pages/
## Documentation
You can find the documentation [here](
In case you received a local copy of the project, you can build and view the documentation like this:
```shell script
cd docs
make html
$BROWSER build/html/index.html
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