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### python interface for global geomagnetic field models
pymagglobal serves the purpose of replacing some Fortran scripts, which are used in the geomagnetism community to evaluate global field models.
It works for files, given in a format first used by the gufm model and includes several models by default. Use
$ pymagglobal --list-models
to get a list of available models or go to [pymagglobal/dat/] for further information. You can dowload additional models [here](TODO: PROVIDE MODELS VIA FTP). Using
$ pymagglobal --input <path/to/your_model> ... your.model
you can use pymagglobal to evaluate your own models, if they come in a similar format. `<path/to/your_model>` specifies the path to your model file and `your.model` the name of your model.
Once installed, pymaggmodel can be imported and its routines used to access the models from inside your own python code.
# License
GNU General Public License, Version 3, 29 June 2007
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