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### CORrelation Based Archeomagnetic SnapShot model
# Installation
For the following `<corbass>` refers to the path you cloned the `CORBASS` repository into.
1. Download and install [Miniconda] for Python 3.
Typically, the installation directory `<conda>` is `~/miniconda3/`.
2. Build and install [FieldTools]
1. Install `conda-build` (not within a certain env but to base)
$ <conda>/bin/conda install conda-build
2. Navigate to `<corbass>` and build [FieldTools]
$ <conda>/bin/conda build FieldTools
3. To create the virtual environment `CORBASS` and its dependencies run
$ <conda>/bin/conda env create -f corbass.yml
4. Activate virtual environment
$ source <conda>/bin/activate CORBASS
Careful with tcshell. You have to use activate.csh.
In case you are don, deactivate the env by entering
(CORBASS)$ conda deactivate`.
5. Install optional packages e.g.
(CORBASS)$ conda install ipython jupyter
6. If the [corbass.yml](corbass.yml) changes, you are recommended to update your environment.
$ <conda>/bin/conda env update ???
# Documentation
The `CORBASS` model is described in TODO: #12. In a way this
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