Commit e86a0389 authored by Marius Kriegerowski's avatar Marius Kriegerowski

add config examples

parent 7065a25c
--- !pinky.model.Model
data_generator: !
gf_engine: !pf.LocalEngine
store_superdirs: [/data/stores]
store_dirs: []
default_store_id: qplayground_total_4_mr_full
n_sources: 30
n_samples_max: 1500
onset_phase: p
reference_target: !
lat: 50.2331
lon: 12.448
depth: 0.0
codes: ['', NKC, '', SHZ]
elevation: 546.0
interpolation: nearest_neighbor
quantity: velocity
noise: !
level: 1E-8
dropout_rate: 0.1
batch_size: 10
auto_clear: true
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