Commit c670c76b authored by Janis Jatnieks's avatar Janis Jatnieks
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Most compact simple example that should run and get you started easly

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......@@ -15,19 +15,8 @@ Main(c()
,preproc_para = T, train_para = T, run_para = T
# mase is a nice error measrue - not subject to div/0 and comparable across different columns
,selection_criteria = "MASE"
# makes sure concentration values are positive
,allow_neg_cols = T
# dump error tables
,write_full_residuals = F
# run caret tuning routines
# run caret tuning routines, if tuning grid enabled
,tuner = T
# use this much for training
,training_samples = 0.7
# do a quick check the resulting surrogate model actually runs
qtestin <- as.matrix( head(INtable,1000)
qres <-data.table( SelectedSurrogate(qtestin) )
cat ("\n\n")
print (head( qres )
print (head( OUTtable )
\ No newline at end of file
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