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......@@ -35,17 +35,17 @@ Since all signal pins are broken out, you can easily use jumpers and breadboard
Breaking board attached to breadboard
<img src="Pics/IMG_5672.png" alt="IMG_5671" style="zoom:50%;" />
Arduino UNO Rev 3 and jumpers
<img src="Pics/IMG_5671.png" alt="IMG_5672" style="zoom:50%;" />
Arduino UNO Rev 3 and Breaking board connected using jumpers and breadboard
<img src="Pics/IMG_5673.png" alt="IMG_5673" style="zoom:50%;" />
Now you can connect your Arduino UNO Rev3 to your computer using USB-C connector.
......@@ -65,16 +65,16 @@ You also need Processing to show the outputs. You can install it from here : [ht
2. Upload it to your Arduino by click on Upload Icon on top right corner
<img src="Pics/Fig1.png" alt="fig1" style="zoom:50%;" />
Wait till your sketch uploaded to your Arduino and see the following commend in bottom of IDE :
<img src="Pics/Fig2.png" alt="fig2" style="zoom:33%;" />
3. Go to Tools > Board and select Arduino UNO from the list
4. Go to Tools > port and select /dev/cu.usbmodel1101(Arduino Uno) from the list and when you open the Tools, you should have something like this :
<img src="Pics/Fig3.png" alt="fig3" style="zoom:60%;" />
5. Open the processing application and copy and past [this code](
......@@ -89,3 +89,6 @@ Now you can have reflectance
Done !
If you encounter any problem or have any question, you can post it in Issues here, or contact me via email (
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