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For usage:
This are scripts written on the Machine Learning Hackathon on 2020-03-05
at GFZ and are mostly to get in touch with the machine learning and
deep learning techniques and tools.
You may have to change paths for loading data files, as well as install
python3 libraries (sklearn, tensorflow, keras).
If you have questions you can get write mails to:
Feel free to use whatever you want, but don't expect a production ready
For questions about the overall hackathon ask `` or
For what is in the folder:
- `Regression.ipynb` is a notebook for a linear regression
- `Neural` is an experiment to predict the SOC, clay and CaCO3
using keras and deep learning
- `` is an experiment to use a linear
regression and deep learning together by predicting the residuals of
the linear regression with deep learning. Explicit: This script was
not reviewed in any kind and is very likely to be complete rubbish.
- `Neural Network.ipynb` is a notebook for a deep learning approach
- `notes.xlsx` is a table sheet to documenting the experiments and
protocol the parameters for deep learning settings.
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