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# 20200503_GFZ
# Hackathon 05th March 2020
If you have feedback on the hackathon, please let us know [here](
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# Information
We are currently thinking about planning a next hackathon.
To provide an optimal experience for all stakeholders, we'd like to gather some information.
Please make a merge request, if you wish to add your opinion.
If you agree on an existing bullet point, please add `+1` to the end of the point or increment it to `+2`, `+3`, ...
If you have other opinions, add a bullet point.
Time considered: autumn 2020
## Feedback
**time frame**
This hackathon was a 1-day workshop.
Should we change the time frame?
* 1-day
* 2-day +1
We met at GFZ Potsdam.
Stick to the location?
* GFZ / Telegrafenberg
* HIDA (Berlin Mitte) +1
**number of participants**
We had about 30 participants.
should we change the / limit the number of participants
* 30 +1
* 50 (limit by rooms available)
We had a group size of about 5.
Should we change that?
* 3
* 4 +1
* 5
**problem to solve**
Last time we had two problems to chose from.
Should we consider more / less / same number of problems?
* same problem for all +1
* multiple problems to chose from:
* 2
* 3
**Additional ideas**
* make it more competitive +1
* 2-phase work mode: first competitive, then cooperative
* Secret test set for unified scoring and performance tests between the groups’ solutions +1
**Additional notes**
* the mix out of novices and experienced people was great +1
* food needs to be labeled if vegetarian / vegan +1
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