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  • V1.0.1   Release 1.0.1
    Release V1.0.1


    • Correction of a mistake in the plotting routine pl.MusicalClassified(), see point 6. of the jupyter notebook ClassifyStorms.ipynb. Consequently, the absolute numbers of ICME- and C/SIR-driven storms in the training and target sets are now displayed correctly in Figure m of the notebook.
    • Minor updates of Readme.md and .gitignore.
  • V.1.0.0   Release 1.0.0
    Release V.1.0.0

    General information

    This is the initially released version of ClassifyStorms. The corresponding paper (Pick et al., Earth and Space Science, 2019) is currently being reviewed.


    • The links to the ICME and C/SIR lists of L. Jian et al. given in ClassifyStorms.ipynb under point 1 currently do not resolve due to server maintenance.