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Provide links to ICME and C/SIR lists from L. Jian in notebook

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......@@ -35,7 +35,8 @@
"\"B_OBS\" contains the geomagnetic disturbances measured at 34 observatories (\"OBS IDs\") during 1900-2015 in the Cartesian geomagnetic (or Centered Dipole) coordinate system ($\\delta B_M$: $X_M$, $Y_M$, $Z_M$). \"B_MLT\" contains the $Z_M$-components sorted into 1-hour magnetic local time (MLT) bins. \"ASY\" contains the MLT-asymmetry measures $ASY_{max}$ and $ASY_{dd}$ (Equation 1), as well as the MLT of the smallest, i.e., most negative, B_MLT.<br>\n",
"\"Reference\" contains three properties (\"Properties\") of 868 geomagnetic storm events which were taken from published lists. The events are labeled by coordinate \"Source\" with respect to the authors of these studies:\n",
"+ \"Jian\":,,\n",
"+ \"Jian\":, \n",
"+ \"Shen\":\n",
"+ \"Turner: \n",
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