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### Citation
Pick, Leonie (2019): ClassifyStorms - An automated classifier for geomagnetic storm drivers based on
machine learning techniques. V. 1.0.0. GFZ Data Services.
machine learning techniques. V. 1.0.1. GFZ Data Services.
### What is ClassifyStorms?
ClassifyStorms is a software package that performs a classification of geomagnetic storms according to their interplanetary driving
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ executed by a supervised binary logistic regression model in the framework of py
### How to run ClassifyStorms?
Download the GitLab project 'ClassifyStorms' from by clicking on the 'Download'
button (top right). Additionally, download '' from GFZ Data Services ( ) and place it into
button (top right). Additionally, download the data set '' from GFZ Data Services ( ) and place it into
the extracted directory 'ClassifyStorms-master'. Navigate to ClassifyStorms-master and start the jupyter server
( by typing 'jupyter notebook' into the command line. This will open the jupyter 'Home' in your web
browser. Select 'ClassifyStorms.ipynb' from the list and run the notebook by clicking 'Run'.
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