Commit 0fb49fc0 authored by Javier Quinteros's avatar Javier Quinteros

Minor change in log message

parent 11e2ae50
......@@ -429,7 +429,7 @@ class TDMS(object):
if self.__chstart >= numchannels:
raise Exception('No valid channel IDs selected!')
if self.__chstop is None or self.__chstop >= numchannels:
logs.warning('Resetting chstop from %s to %s' % (self.__chstop, numchannels-1))'Resetting chstop from %s to %s' % (self.__chstop, numchannels-1))
self.__chstop = numchannels - 1
# Define list of selected channels
self.__channels = list(range(self.__chstart, self.__chstop + 1, self.__chstep))
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