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formatting the commands

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......@@ -62,21 +62,20 @@ Ready to contribute? Here's how to set up `CI-Services` for local development.
1. Fork the `CI-Services` repo on GitLab.
2. Clone your fork locally:
$ git clone
3. Create a branch for local development:
$ git checkout -b name-of-your-bugfix-or-feature
Now you can make your changes locally.
Now you can make your changes locally.
4. Commit your changes and push your branch to GitLab:
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Your detailed description of your changes."
$ git push origin name-of-your-bugfix-or-feature
5. When you're done making changes, check that your changes pass the code style and the software tests by running the CI.
The pylint score needs to be above 9/10.
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