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Fix the markdown generation. Generate pdf, html, and markdown.

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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ output:
df_print: paged
variant: markdown_github
always_allow_html: true
```{r echo=FALSE}
......@@ -286,14 +287,9 @@ The evaluation, thresholding or re-running, and export process is repeated for e
## 4.2 Generating classification map and summary statistics
Generate a classification map based on the saved output of the threshold probability maps
```{r eval = FALSE}
inPath, # input files (*.tif), equals outPath
color # vector of plot colors, one for each class type
```{r eval=FALSE}
# input files path, equals outPath
# vector of plot colors, one for each class type
plot_results(inPath, color)
***Note***: If color is not specified, an internal color will be called. To set color manually create a vector with 7 colors corresponding to each class (see [R color cheatsheet]( for a detailed list of colors and tips)
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