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......@@ -264,8 +264,6 @@ After habitat extraction is done the user can proceed automatically to the next
If the user chooses to adjust starting number of samples and number of models, the user must enter the sample/model adjustment (../..) into the R console and evaluate the interactive probability maps again.
* I am not sure if I am interpreting this correctly - need to double check. The txt from the is not very clear (Executing, Step 1, 2.1 last lines and 2.2)
The evaluation, thresholding or re-running, and export process is repeated for each habitat class.
**Note** If convergence is not possible, i.e., no `models` can be selected or `init.samples` are not enough or another error occurs, it is possible to restart by re-running the `multi_Class_Sampling` function again with the following new argument values:
......@@ -291,5 +289,4 @@ plot_results <- function(
```{r eval=FALSE}
plot_results(inPath, color)
***Note***: If color is not specified, an internal color will be called
***Note***: If color is not specified, an internal color will be called. To set color manually create a vector with 7 colors corresponding to each class (see [R color cheatsheet]( for a detailed list of colors and tips)
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