1. 20 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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  3. 02 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      Fixed issue #50 (Invalid job progress statistics in case a subsystem fails... · ff539709
      Daniel Scheffler authored
      Fixed issue #50 (Invalid job progress statistics in case a subsystem fails after another one of the same scene ID already succeeded in the same mapper) by adding class attribute GMS_object.proc_status_all_GMSobjs and GMS_object.proc_status() property. Added gms_object.update_proc_status() decorator.
      Revised exception handler. Improved test_exception_handler module.
      Fixed a severe bug that copied the same dataset list to all subsequent process controllers.
      Former-commit-id: cd572222
      Former-commit-id: 0cce191d
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  7. 07 Apr, 2017 1 commit
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      revised progress updater during running job · 14911ad4
      Daniel Scheffler authored
      - revised failed_GMS_object: now accepts only instances of gms_object and OrderedDicts; removed DB query
      - trace_unhandled_exceptions.wrapped_GMS_mapper:
          - bugfix
          - enhanced documentation
          - revised call of failed_GMS_object
      - run_all_processors(): bugfix
      - update_DB_job_statistics(): fix for double statistics update in case of subsystems
      updated __version__
      Former-commit-id: d7f01df7
      Former-commit-id: f5404bf9
  8. 07 Dec, 2016 1 commit
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      implemented "GMS_object" as parent object for all GMS objects; dissolved L0A_P... · 007965bf
      Daniel Scheffler authored
      implemented "GMS_object" as parent object for all GMS objects; dissolved L0A_P to config, and META; deleted L0B_P
      - added new module 'gms_object', based on parts of L1A_object
          - GMS_object now provides the complete basic functionality of all GMS objects in later processing levels
      - L0A_P has been dissolved/moved to config and METADATA
      - L0B_P removed (deprecated)
      - revised __init__() (L1A_object now inherits from GMS_object)
      - added import_rasterdata()
      - moved functions providing basic GMS functionality to GMS_object
      - refactored fill_from_disk() to from_disk()
      algorithms.L1B_P - L2C-P:
      - updated __init__() functions due to new object structure
      - Obj2ENVI: data_DB_updater now receives a dictionary including current state of all properties
      - added __repr__()
      - bugfix for using CFG.job.conn_database instead of self.conn
      - revised from_job_ID(): self.dataframe is now properly filled
      - failed_GMS_object now inherits from GMS_object
      - get_GMS_sensorcode() now does not need a logger anymore
      - refactored L0A_L1A_map to L1A_map and L0B_L1A_map_1 to L1A_map_1
      - revised L1A_map and L1A_map_1 according to new structure of L1A_object
      - added attribute '_DB_job_record'
      - added property 'DB_job_record'
      - removed get_data_list() (deprecated)
      - stop(): added docstring
      - L1A_processing(): edited docstring and added logger output; changed reduce call (!)
      - L1B_processing(): edited docstring and added logger output
      - L1C_processing(): edited docstring and added logger output; changed reduce call (!)
      - L2A_processing(): edited docstring and added logger output
      - L2B_processing(): edited docstring and added logger output; changed reduce call (!)
      - L2C_processing(): edited docstring and added logger output
      - Job: added attribute 'DB_job_record'
      - Usecase:
          - added attributes '_job' and 'data_list'
          - moved get_usecase_coord_grid() from top level of module here
          - added get_entity_IDs_within_AOI() from L0A_P
          - added get_data_list_of_current_jobID() from L0A_P
      - updated __version__
  9. 06 Sep, 2016 1 commit
  10. 12 Aug, 2016 1 commit
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      GEOP: · a7920668
      Daniel Scheffler authored
      - warp_ndarray(): fixed a bug in the validation of the output dimensions calculated by rasterio that always expected a quadratic input array for performing a correction of out_cols and out_rows
      - added reproject_shapelyPoly()
      - added mapXY2imXY()
      - added imXY2mapXY()
      - added proj4_to_dict()
      - fixed a bug in calc_cloud_mask()
      - fixed a bug in calc_corner_positions()
      - fixed a bug in get_reference_image_params()
      - fixed a bug in apply_deshift_results() when applying results to a 2D array
      - changed titlebar
      - changed titlebar
      - changed titlebar
      - added a dummy version of L2C_object
      L2D_P:  Level 2D processor has been deleted due to changes in the L2 processing architecture
      - added META.CS_EPSG attribute
      - Obj2ENVI(): added functionality to write MGRS tiles as compressed ENVI files (compression mode not yet working)
      - dirty hack in mask_to_ENVI_Classification() -> still not working
      - added get_dtypeStr()
      - added new version of write_shp()
      - moved some code from get_scene_and_dataset_infos_from_postgreSQLdb() to new function execute_pgSQL_query()
      - added get_pgSQL_geospatial_query_cond()
      - added get_overlapping_MGRS_tiles()
      - added get_overlapping_MGRS_tiles2()
      - added pdDataFrame_to_sql_k()
      - added import_shapefile_into_postgreSQL_database()
      - added postgreSQL_table_to_csv() (not yet working)
      - added docstring to setup_logger()
      - added gzipfile()
      - added ENVIfile_to_ENVIcompressed()
      - added get_subset_GMS_obj()
      - added cut_GMS_obj_into_MGRS_tiles()
      - added an extra assertion to postgreSQL_poly_to_cornerLonLat()
      - added some type hints
      - added postgreSQL_geometry_to_shapelyPolygon()
      - added shapelyPolygon_to_postgreSQL_geometry()
      - added get_imageCoords_from_shapelyPoly()
      - added get_valid_arrSubsetBounds()
      - added get_arrSubsetBounds_from_shapelyPolyLonLat() -> needed to get image coordinates of MGRS tiles
      - added get_UL_LR_from_shapefile_features()
      - added functionality to get pathes for MGRS-tiled products
      - added additional output folder for MGRS-tiled products
      - removed L2D_P import
      - added cloud mask and corner coordinates calculation to L2A_map_2
      - added L2C_map_1()
      - adjusted L2B calls
      - added first version of L2C calls
  11. 06 Jul, 2015 1 commit