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Re-enabled _filter_by_proc_status() and _filter_by_dataset_existance().

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......@@ -102,8 +102,8 @@ class Scene_finder(object):
def filter_possib_ref_scenes(self):
"""Filter possible scenes by running all filter functions."""
# self._filter_by_proc_status()
# self._filter_by_dataset_existance()
......@@ -438,9 +438,9 @@ def get_overlapping_scenes_from_postgreSQLdb(conn_params, table='scenes_proc', s
if table != 'scenes_proc':
assert datasetid, "filtdsId is needed if table is not 'scenes_proc'"
if scene_ID is None:
assert tgt_corners_lonlat, "Provide eihter scene_ID or tgt_corners_lonlat!"
assert tgt_corners_lonlat, "Provide either scene_ID or tgt_corners_lonlat!"
if tgt_corners_lonlat is None:
assert scene_ID, "Provide eihter scene_ID or tgt_corners_lonlat!"
assert scene_ID, "Provide either scene_ID or tgt_corners_lonlat!"
val2get = "" if table == 'scenes' else "%s.sceneid" % table
# refcond = ['scenes_proc.georef = True'] if not datasetids else ['scenes.datasetid = %s' %datasetid]
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