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Added Quadratic Regression as possible algorithm for spectral homogenization.

Added more Ridge Regression classifiers for different alpha values.
parent 144a5e5e
......@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ import traceback
from sklearn.cluster import k_means_ # noqa F401 # flake8 issue
from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split
from sklearn.linear_model import LinearRegression, Ridge
from sklearn.preprocessing import PolynomialFeatures
from sklearn.pipeline import make_pipeline, Pipeline
from geoarray import GeoArray # noqa F401 # flake8 issue
from ..options.config import GMS_config as CFG
......@@ -215,6 +217,7 @@ class SpectralHomogenizer(object):
:param method: machine learning approach to be used for spectral bands prediction
'LR': Linear Regression
'RR': Ridge Regression
'QR': Quadratic Regression
:param src_satellite: source satellite, e.g., 'Landsat-8'
:param src_sensor: source sensor, e.g., 'OLI_TIRS'
:param src_LBA: source LayerBandsAssignment
......@@ -1360,15 +1363,15 @@ class Classifier_Generator(object):
get_LayerBandsAssignment(L1C_GMSid, no_pan=True, sort_by_cwl=False), # L1C_noPan_alphabetical
def create_classifiers(self, outDir, method='LR', *args, **kwargs):
def create_classifiers(self, outDir, method='LR', **kwargs):
"""Create classifiers for all combinations of the reference cubes given in __init__().
:param outDir: output directory for the created classifier collections
:param method: type of machine learning classifiers to be included in classifier collections
'LR': Linear Regression
'RR': Ridge Regression
:param args: arguments to be passed to the fit() function of the machine learners
:param kwargs: keyword arguments to be passed to the fit() function of machine learners
'QR': Quadratic Regression
:param kwargs: keyword arguments to be passed to the __init__() function of machine learners
for src_cube in self.refcubes:
......@@ -1400,8 +1403,8 @@ class Classifier_Generator(object):
test_size=0.4, shuffle=True, random_state=0)
# train the model
ML = specHomoApproaches[method](), train_Y, *args, **kwargs)
ML = get_machine_learner(method, **kwargs), train_Y)
def mean_absolute_percentage_error(y_true, y_pred):
y_true, y_pred = np.array(y_true), np.array(y_pred)
......@@ -1444,10 +1447,23 @@ class Classifier_Generator(object):
dill.dump(cls_collection.to_dict(), outF)
specHomoApproaches = dict(
def get_machine_learner(method='LR', **init_params):
# type: (str, dict) -> Union[LinearRegression, Ridge, Pipeline]
"""Get an instance of a machine learner.
:param method: 'LR': Linear regression
'RR': Ridge regression
'QR': Quadratic regression
:param init_params: parameters to be passed to __init__() function of the returned machine learner model.
if method == 'LR':
return LinearRegression(**init_params)
elif method == 'RR':
return Ridge(**init_params)
elif method == 'QR':
return make_pipeline(PolynomialFeatures(degree=2), LinearRegression(**init_params))
raise ValueError("Unknown machine learner method code '%s'." % method)
# def get_classifier_filename(method, src_satellite, src_sensor, src_LBA_name, tgt_satellite, tgt_sensor, tgt_LBA_name):
......@@ -1456,6 +1472,9 @@ specHomoApproaches = dict(
def get_filename_classifier_collection(method, src_satellite, src_sensor):
if method == 'RR':
method = method + '_alpha1.0' # TODO add to config
return '__'.join([method, src_satellite, src_sensor]) + '.dill'
......@@ -1519,10 +1538,10 @@ class RSImage_Predictor(object):
tgt_satellite, tgt_sensor, tgt_LBA)
# validation
exp = specHomoApproaches[self.method]
if not isinstance(ML_instance, exp):
expected_type = type(get_machine_learner(self.method))
if not isinstance(ML_instance, expected_type):
raise ValueError('The given dillFile %s does not contain an instance of %s but %s.'
% (os.path.basename(fName_cls), exp.__name__, type(ML_instance)))
% (os.path.basename(fName_cls), expected_type.__name__, type(ML_instance)))
return ML_instance
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