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parent 908db152
......@@ -486,8 +486,9 @@ class L1B_object(L1A_object):
ref_obj = GMS_object.from_disk((path_gmsFile, ['cube', None]))
# get spectral characteristics
ref_cwl, shift_cwl = [[float(i) for i in GMS_obj.MetaObj.CWL] for GMS_obj in [ref_obj, self]]
ref_fwhm, shift_fwhm = [[float(i) for i in GMS_obj.MetaObj.FWHM] for GMS_obj in [ref_obj, self]]
ref_cwl = [float(ref_obj.MetaObj.CWL[bN]) for bN in ref_obj.MetaObj.LayerBandsAssignment]
shift_cwl = [float(self.MetaObj.CWL[bN]) for bN in self.MetaObj.LayerBandsAssignment]
shift_fwhm = [float(self.MetaObj.FWHM[bN]) for bN in self.MetaObj.LayerBandsAssignment]
# exclude cirrus/oxygen band of Landsat-8/Sentinel-2
shift_bbl, ref_bbl = [False] * len(shift_cwl), [False] * len(ref_cwl) # bad band lists
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ class L2B_object(L2A_object):
method = CFG.spechomo_method
src_dsID = sat_sen_to_datasetid(self.satellite, self.sensor)
src_cwls = self.MetaObj.CWL
src_cwls = [float(self.MetaObj.CWL[bN]) for bN in self.MetaObj.LayerBandsAssignment]
# FIXME exclude or include thermal bands; respect sorted CWLs in context of LayerBandsAssignment
tgt_sat, tgt_sen = datasetid_to_sat_sen(CFG.datasetid_spectral_ref)
# NOTE: get target LBA at L2A, because spectral characteristics of target sensor do not change after AC
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