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Changed format of band names.

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......@@ -988,7 +988,7 @@ class ReferenceCube_Generator(object):
tgt_im = GeoArray(np.zeros((*im_gA.shape[:2], len(tgt_srf.bands)), dtype=np.int16),, im_gA.prj)
tgt_im.meta.band_meta['wavelength'] = list(tgt_srf.wvl)
tgt_im.bandnames = tgt_srf.LayerBandsAssignment
tgt_im.bandnames = ['B%s' % i if len(i) == 2 else 'B0%s' % i for i in tgt_srf.LayerBandsAssignment]
tiles = im_gA.tiles((1000, 1000)) # use tiles to save memory
for ((rS, rE), (cS, cE)), tiledata in (tqdm(tiles) if progress else tiles):
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