Commit b11a4c6d authored by Daniel Scheffler's avatar Daniel Scheffler
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Updated path_generator.get_pathes_all_procdata.

parent e45896ce
......@@ -180,10 +180,11 @@ class path_generator(object):
image = self.get_path_imagedata()
mask = self.get_path_maskdata()
mask_clouds = self.get_path_cloudmaskdata()
accuracylayers = self.get_path_accuracylayers()
gms_file = self.get_path_gmsfile()
log_file = self.get_path_logfile()
all_pathes = [image, mask, mask_clouds, gms_file, log_file]
all_pathes = [image, mask, mask_clouds, accuracylayers, gms_file, log_file]
'get_pathes_all_procdata() is not yet completely implemented and will not return complete path list!')
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