Commit 908db152 authored by Daniel Scheffler's avatar Daniel Scheffler
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parent bb6eb452
......@@ -726,9 +726,9 @@ class GMS_object(object):
return self._accuracy_layers
def accuracy_layers(self, geoArr_initArgs):
def accuracy_layers(self, *geoArr_initArgs):
if geoArr_initArgs[0] is not None:
acc_lay = GeoArray(geoArr_initArgs)
acc_lay = GeoArray(*geoArr_initArgs)
assert acc_lay.shape[:2] == self.arr.shape[:2],\
"The 'accuracy_layers' GeoArray can only be instanced with an array of the same dimensions like " \
"GMS_obj.arr. Got %s." % str(acc_lay.shape)
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