Commit 7a391284 authored by Daniel Scheffler's avatar Daniel Scheffler
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Fixed RuntimeError 'Tried to instanciate L1A_object although kwargs...'.

parent ccf04ffa
......@@ -40,13 +40,11 @@ class L1A_object(GMS_object):
# TODO docstring
# NOTE: kwargs is in here to allow instanciating with additional arg 'proc_level'
# load default attribute values and methods
super(L1A_object, self).__init__()
if 'proc_level' in kwargs and kwargs['proc_level'] not in [None, 'L1A']:
raise RuntimeError("Tried to instanciate L1A_object although kwargs['proc_level'] is '%s'"
% kwargs['proc_level'])
# unpack kwargs
self.proc_level = 'L1A'
self.image_type = image_type # FIXME not needed anymore?
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