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Updated Test_ExceptionHandler_Subsystems.test_exception_handler_receives_failed_objects().

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......@@ -157,6 +157,7 @@ class Test_ExceptionHandler_Subsystems(BaseTest_ExceptionHandler.Test_ExceptionH
failed_obj = failed_GMS_object(self.PC.config.data_list[0],
failedMapper='dummy_mapper', exc_type=RuntimeError, exc_val='SomeVal', exc_tb='')
L1A_obj = L1A_object(**self.PC.config.data_list[0])
prog_stats_before = self.get_current_progress_stats()
# in case the mapper inputs contain a failed_object,
# the exception handler must directly return the mapper inputs as received without calling the mapper function
......@@ -164,3 +165,7 @@ class Test_ExceptionHandler_Subsystems(BaseTest_ExceptionHandler.Test_ExceptionH
returnVal = self.dummy_mapper_multiple_inputs(mapper_inputs)
self.assertTrue(mapper_inputs == returnVal)
self.assertTrue(returnVal[0].proc_level != 'changed')
# check progress stats: must remain unchanged
prog_stats_after = self.get_current_progress_stats()
self.assertEqual(prog_stats_before, prog_stats_after)
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