Commit ba123a19 authored by Henning Francke's avatar Henning Francke
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added unit test

parent c535df73
......@@ -20,6 +20,9 @@ model UnitTestsTwoPhase3Gas
Medium.BaseProperties props;
Medium.BaseProperties props_3s3g;
assert(abs(1.1766869-Medium.density_liq_pTX(1e5,300,props.X,Medium.MM_vec))<1e6,"density differs!");
assert(abs(0.00031644627-Medium.isobaricExpansionCoefficient_liq(props.state, props.d_l, Medium.MM_vec))<1e6,"density differs!");
props.p = 200000;
props.T = 300;
props.Xi = Xi;
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