Commit b7da8675 authored by Henning Francke's avatar Henning Francke
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moved to short SI

parent 218ba2e7
......@@ -359,11 +359,11 @@ algorithm
end setState_phX;
redeclare function density_pTX
input Modelica.SIunits.Pressure p;
input Modelica.SIunits.Temp_K T;
input SI.Pressure p;
input SI.Temp_K T;
input MassFraction X[:]=fill(0,0) "mass fraction m_NaCl/m_Sol";
input FixedPhase phase=0 "2 for two-phase, 1 for one-phase, 0 if not known";
output Modelica.SIunits.Density d=Modelica.Media.Water.WaterIF97_pT.density_pT(p,T);
output SI.Density d;//=Modelica.Media.Water.WaterIF97_pT.density_pT(p,T);
// Modelica.Utilities.Streams.print("density_pTX("+String(p)+","+String(T)+")");
// annotation(LateInline=true,inverse(T = temperature_phX(p=p,h=h,X=X,phase=phase)));
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