Commit b0e6de82 authored by Henning Francke's avatar Henning Francke
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fixed constant value return in bubbleEnthalpy function

parent e13f89f0
......@@ -93,12 +93,14 @@ model BrineProps2phaseFull "Two-phase example demonstrating all features"
Real g=1 "gas content multiplier";
/* parameter SI.Pressure p_set=20*1.01325e5;
parameter SI.Temperature T_set=273.15+30;*/
parameter SI.Temperature T_set=273.15+30;*/
SI.SpecificEnthalpy h_bubble = Medium.bubbleEnthalpy(props.sat);
//DEFINE STATE (define 2 variables pT, ph or Td)
//pT transient
props.p = 10*1.01325e5;
props.T = 273.15+150 "+time";
props.T = 273.15+100 "+time";
/* //ph
props.p = 435e5;
......@@ -133,12 +133,18 @@ partial package PartialBrineMultiSaltMultiGasTwoPhase "Template medium for aqueo
end dewEnthalpy;
redeclare function extends bubbleEnthalpy
"boiling curve specific enthalpy of water"
"boiling curve specific enthalpy of water"
hl := 2000;
end bubbleEnthalpy;
hl := specificEnthalpy_gas_pTX(
// hl := Modelica.Media.Water.IF97_Utilities.BaseIF97.Regions.hl_p(sat.psat);
end bubbleEnthalpy;
redeclare function extends saturationTemperature "saturation temperature"
......@@ -871,6 +877,7 @@ protected
end density;
annotation (Documentation(info="<html>
<li><b>PartialBrine_ngas_Newton</b> is based on <code>PartialMixtureTwoPhaseMedium</code>, an extension to the <code>Modelica.Media</code> library. This extension was necessary because <code>Modelica.Media</code> supports mixtures and two-phase media, but not both combined.</li>
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