Commit 9f13f615 authored by Henning Francke's avatar Henning Francke
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Unit test update

parent 77e9a5eb
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ model UnitTestsTwoPhase3Gas
Real[Medium.nXi] Xi= fill(0,0);*/
Medium.BaseProperties props;
Medium.BaseProperties props_3s3g;
props.p = 200000;
props.T = 300;
......@@ -25,6 +26,11 @@ equation
assert(abs(props.GVF-0.32448128)<1e6,"GVF differs!");
assert(abs(props.h-188780.97)<1e6,"GVF differs!");
props_3s3g.p = 455e5;
props_3s3g.T = 145+273.15;
props_3s3g.Xi = {0.082870031,0.00486001,0.125914128,1.6E-6, 465.6E-6, 49.9E-6};//-2313 m
assert(abs(props_3s3g.d-1127.8458262083673)<1e9, "Not the expecteded density!");
annotation (experiment(StopTime=1, __Dymola_NumberOfIntervals=1),
end UnitTestsTwoPhase3Gas;
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