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......@@ -23,7 +23,21 @@ Section 2.6: Seismic Hazard and Risk Dynamics
This code creates a GeoJSON summarising the gridded SERA exposure model within a bounding box.
This code creates a CSV file with a Well-Known-Text representation of geometry
summarising the gridded exposure model within a bounding box, country,
administrative unit within a country, or arbitrary list.
The exported parameters are: cell_id, XXX_num_classes, XXX_num_bdgs,
XXX_num_dwells, XXX_num_ppl and XXX_cost, with XXX being each of Res, Com and
Ind. XXX_num_classes contains the number of different building classes
associated with the cell, while XXX_cost contains the cost of all buildings in
the cell. Note that if a cell that belongs to two countries but only one of
the countries has been processed already, the results shown are partial. If
XXX_num_classes is -9, the cell does not exist (yet) in the HDF5 file (number
of buildings, dwellings, people and cost are zero in this case). The parameter
max_num_cells_per_stage controls the number of cells that are processed in
each dump of the data to the CSV file. This allows for RAM to be freed
regularly and the code to run faster.
import sys
import os
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