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#!/usr/bin/env python
import csv
def Fragility_to_Dictionary2(gmDict,taxonomyConversionCsv,fragilities_path):
#returns A dictionary with keys as first column
#of taxonomyConversionCsv(taxonomies)
#values as relative fragility names
#(2nd column of taxonomyConversionCsv) and
#ground-motion type and the respective
#column number of the gm-type
#gmDict: Dictionary with keys as gm-type and
#values as the relative column number
#taxonomyConversionCsv : A file with first column
#as taxonomies and the second column as the name of
#relative fragility function(type : _csv.reader matrix)
#fragilities_path: Path to the folder of fragility functions
taxonomyConversionDict = {}
for row in taxonomyConversionCsv:
fragilityFileName = row[1] + ".csv"
data = list(csv.reader(open(fragilities_path+"/"+fragilityFileName)))
columnNumber = gmDict[gm_type1]
key = row[0]
if key in taxonomyConversionDict:
# implement your duplicate row handling here
dictValue = [row[1],gm_type1,columnNumber]
taxonomyConversionDict[key] = dictValue
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