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......@@ -567,12 +567,15 @@ class JapanDatabase(SpatialiteDatabase):
district_id = result[0]
# Get ID of building type, dwelling type, and tenure type
building_type_id = add_element_and_get_index(row["Type of building"],
dwelling_type_id = add_element_and_get_index(row["Type of dwelling"],
tenure_type_id = add_element_and_get_index(row["Tenure of dwelling"],
building_type_id = add_element_and_get_index(
row["Type of building"], building_type_list
dwelling_type_id = add_element_and_get_index(
row["Type of dwelling"], dwelling_type_list
tenure_type_id = add_element_and_get_index(
row["Tenure of dwelling"], tenure_type_list
# Read the relevant values from the input data
number_dwelling = float(str(row[5]).replace("-", "0"))
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