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Merge branch 'bugfix/fix_get_overlap_polygon'

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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
__author__ = "Daniel Scheffler"
import math
import warnings
import numpy as np
from typing import TypeVar, Union
from geopandas import GeoDataFrame
from shapely.geometry import shape, Polygon, box, Point
from shapely.geometry import shape, Polygon, box, Point, MultiPolygon
from ..coord_trafo import mapYX2imYX
from ..coord_grid import find_nearest_grid_coord
......@@ -22,19 +22,25 @@ def get_overlap_polygon(poly1, poly2, v=False):
:return: overlap percentage as float value [%]
:return: area of overlap polygon
# compute overlap polygon
overlap_poly = poly1.intersection(poly2)
if overlap_poly.geom_type == 'GeometryCollection':
overlap_poly = overlap_poly.buffer(0) # converts 'GeometryCollection' to 'MultiPolygon'
if not overlap_poly.is_empty:
# check if output is MULTIPOLYGON -> if yes, convert to POLYGON
# check if output is MultiPolygon or GeometryCollection -> if yes, convert to Polygon
if overlap_poly.geom_type == 'MultiPolygon':
overlap_poly = fill_holes_within_poly(overlap_poly)
assert overlap_poly.geom_type=='Polygon', \
"get_overlap_polygon() did not return geometry type 'Polygon' but %s." %overlap_poly.geom_type
assert overlap_poly.geom_type == 'Polygon', \
"get_overlap_polygon() did not return geometry type 'Polygon' but %s." % overlap_poly.geom_type
overlap_percentage = 100 * shape(overlap_poly).area / shape(poly2).area
if v: print('%.2f percent of the image to be shifted is covered by the reference image.' % overlap_percentage)
return {'overlap poly':overlap_poly, 'overlap percentage':overlap_percentage, 'overlap area':overlap_poly.area}
if v:
print('%.2f percent of the image to be shifted is covered by the reference image.' % overlap_percentage)
return {'overlap poly': overlap_poly, 'overlap percentage': overlap_percentage,
'overlap area': overlap_poly.area}
return {'overlap poly':None, 'overlap percentage':0, 'overlap area':0}
return {'overlap poly': None, 'overlap percentage': 0, 'overlap area': 0}
def get_footprint_polygon(CornerLonLat, fix_invalid=False):
......@@ -56,30 +62,31 @@ def get_footprint_polygon(CornerLonLat, fix_invalid=False):
outpoly = Polygon(CornerLonLat)
assert outpoly.is_valid, 'The given coordinates result in an invalid polygon. Check coordinate order.' \
'Got coordinates %s.' %CornerLonLat
'Got coordinates %s.' % CornerLonLat
return outpoly
def get_smallest_boxImYX_that_contains_boxMapYX(box_mapYX, gt_im):
xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax = Polygon([(i[1],i[0]) for i in box_mapYX]).bounds # map-bounds box_mapYX
(ymin,xmin),(ymax,xmax) = mapYX2imYX([ymin,xmin],gt_im), mapYX2imYX([ymax,xmax],gt_im) # image coord bounds
xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax = int(xmin),math.ceil(ymin), math.ceil(xmax), int(ymax) # round min coords off and max coords on
return (ymax,xmin),(ymax,xmax),(ymin,xmax),(ymin,xmin) # UL_YX,UR_YX,LR_YX,LL_YX
xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax = Polygon([(i[1], i[0]) for i in box_mapYX]).bounds # map-bounds box_mapYX
(ymin, xmin), (ymax, xmax) = mapYX2imYX([ymin, xmin], gt_im), mapYX2imYX([ymax, xmax], gt_im) # image coord bounds
xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax = int(xmin), math.ceil(ymin), math.ceil(xmax), int(
ymax) # round min coords off and max coords on
return (ymax, xmin), (ymax, xmax), (ymin, xmax), (ymin, xmin) # UL_YX,UR_YX,LR_YX,LL_YX
def get_largest_onGridPoly_within_poly(outerPoly,gt,rows,cols):
oP_xmin,oP_ymin,oP_xmax,oP_ymax = outerPoly.bounds
xmin,ymax = find_nearest_grid_coord((oP_xmin,oP_ymax),gt,rows,cols,direction='SE')
xmax,ymin = find_nearest_grid_coord((oP_xmax,oP_ymin),gt,rows,cols,direction='NW')
def get_largest_onGridPoly_within_poly(outerPoly, gt, rows, cols):
oP_xmin, oP_ymin, oP_xmax, oP_ymax = outerPoly.bounds
xmin, ymax = find_nearest_grid_coord((oP_xmin, oP_ymax), gt, rows, cols, direction='SE')
xmax, ymin = find_nearest_grid_coord((oP_xmax, oP_ymin), gt, rows, cols, direction='NW')
return box(xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax)
def get_smallest_shapelyImPolyOnGrid_that_contains_shapelyImPoly(shapelyPoly):
"""Returns the smallest box that matches the coordinate grid of the given geotransform.
The returned shapely polygon contains image coordinates."""
xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax = shapelyPoly.bounds # image_coords-bounds
xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax = shapelyPoly.bounds # image_coords-bounds
return box(int(xmin),int(ymin), math.ceil(xmax), math.ceil(ymax)) # round min coords off and max coords on
return box(int(xmin), int(ymin), math.ceil(xmax), math.ceil(ymax)) # round min coords off and max coords on
def find_line_intersection_point(line1, line2):
......@@ -116,16 +123,20 @@ def polyVertices_outside_poly(inner_poly, outer_poly):
def fill_holes_within_poly(poly):
# type: (Union[TypeVar(Polygon), TypeVar(MultiPolygon)]) -> TypeVar(Polygon)
"""Fills the holes within a shapely Polygon or MultiPolygon and returns a Polygon with only the outer boundary.
:param poly: <shapely.geometry.Polygon, shapely.geometry.MultiPolygon>
:param poly: <shapely.geometry.Polygon, shapely.geometry.MultiPolygon>, shapely.geometry.GeometryCollection>
if poly.geom_type not in ['Polygon', 'MultiPolygon']:
raise ValueError("Unexpected geometry type %s." % poly.geom_type)
if poly.geom_type == 'Polygon':
# return only the exterior polygon
return Polygon(poly.exterior)
filled_poly = Polygon(poly.exterior)
elif poly.geom_type == 'MultiPolygon':
else: # 'MultiPolygon'
gdf = GeoDataFrame(columns=['geometry'])
gdf['geometry'] = poly
......@@ -133,7 +144,9 @@ def fill_holes_within_poly(poly):
gdf['area_filled'] = gdf.apply(
lambda GDF_row: Polygon(np.swapaxes(np.array(GDF_row.geometry.exterior.coords.xy), 0, 1)).area, axis=1)
largest_poly_filled = gdf.ix[gdf['area_filled'].idxmax()]['geometry']
largest_poly_filled = gdf.loc[gdf['area_filled'].idxmax()]['geometry']
# return the outer boundary of the largest polygon
return Polygon(np.swapaxes(np.array(largest_poly_filled.exterior.coords.xy), 0, 1))
\ No newline at end of file
filled_poly = Polygon(np.swapaxes(np.array(largest_poly_filled.exterior.coords.xy), 0, 1))
return filled_poly
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