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Fixed TypeError within metadata module.

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......@@ -106,17 +106,17 @@ class GDAL_Metadata(object):
return param_value.strip()
def _convert_param_to_ENVI_str(self, param_value):
if isinstance(param_value, int):
if isinstance(param_value, (int, np.integer)):
return str(param_value)
elif isinstance(param_value, float):
elif isinstance(param_value, (float, np.floating)):
return '%f' % param_value
elif isinstance(param_value, list):
return '{ ' + ',\n'.join([self._convert_param_to_ENVI_str(i) for i in param_value]) + ' }'
return param_value
return str(param_value)
def read_from_file(self, filePath):
assert ' ' not in filePath, "The given path contains whitespaces. This is not supported by GDAL."
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