Commit c4bfb66c authored by Daniel Scheffler's avatar Daniel Scheffler

The algorithm to compute the nodata mask is now much faster, especially for...

The algorithm to compute the nodata mask is now much faster, especially for datasets with many spectral bands.
Signed-off-by: Daniel Scheffler's avatarDaniel Scheffler <>
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......@@ -681,25 +681,41 @@ class GeoArray(object):
:param overwrite: <bool> whether to overwrite existing nodata mask that has already been calculated
if self._mask_nodata is None or overwrite:
assert self.ndim in [2, 3], "Only 2D or 3D arrays are supported. Got a %sD array." % self.ndim
arr = self[:, :, fromBand] if self.ndim == 3 and fromBand is not None else self[:]
min_v, max_v = np.min(arr), np.max(arr)
if (min_v == max_v == self.nodata) or (np.isnan(min_v) and np.isnan(max_v) and np.isnan(self.nodata)):
self.mask_nodata = np.full(arr.shape[:2], False)
if self.nodata is None:
self.mask_nodata = np.ones((self.rows, self.cols), np.bool)
mask = np.ones((self.rows, self.cols), np.bool)
elif np.isnan(self.nodata):
self.mask_nodata = \
np.invert(np.isnan(arr)) if arr.ndim == 2 else \
np.any(np.invert(np.isnan(arr)), axis=2)
nanmask = np.isnan(arr)
nanbands = np.all(np.all(nanmask, axis=0), axis=0)
if np.all(nanbands):
mask = np.full(arr.shape[:2], False)
elif arr.ndim == 2:
mask = ~np.isnan(arr)
idx_1st_databand = np.argwhere(~nanbands)[0][0]
mask = ~np.isnan(arr[:, :, idx_1st_databand])
mask[~mask] = np.any(~np.isnan(arr[~mask]), axis=1)
bandmeans = np.mean(np.mean(arr, axis=0), axis=0)
if np.nanmean(bandmeans) == self.nodata:
mask = np.full(arr.shape[:2], False)
elif arr.ndim == 2:
mask = arr != self.nodata
self.mask_nodata = \, self.nodata).mask if arr.ndim == 2 else \
np.any(, self.nodata).mask, axis=2)
idx_1st_databand = np.argwhere(bandmeans != self.nodata)[0][0]
mask = np.array(arr[:, :, idx_1st_databand] != self.nodata)
mask[~mask] = np.any(arr[~mask] != self.nodata, axis=1)
self.mask_nodata = mask
return mask
def find_noDataVal(self, bandIdx=0, sz=3):
"""Tries to derive no data value from homogenious corner pixels within 3x3 windows (by default).
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